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Sankarshana - "The Beholder of The Universe"

  “Sankarshana” is basically “Kriya Shakti”- kinetic force. It has both the capacities to expand and recede. When the Universe is drawn into him, it attains an undivided and undefined state. It was neither a solid, nor liquid nor gaseous state. It can be compared to the fourth state of matter.

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Appeal to the Scientific Community

For the last 20years, Shree Viswanarayan has been trying to bring scientists all over the world, under one umbrella of Solar Consciousness – that if the inner energy of the Sun is not brought to the Earth, it cannot be saved from destruction.
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       Natural Calamities - Prediction and Prevention

Historical overviews on Sun
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          According to the Shastras, there exist four dimensions of the Adi Purusha ---- “VASUDEVA”, “SANKARSHANA”, “PRODUNNA” and “ANIRUDDHA”. They represent – Dharma ~ Religion, Artha ~ Prosperity, Kama ~ Desire and Moksha ~ Salvation respectively and are representative of the four Vedas – Rig, Sam, Yajur and Atharva. 
          The second dimension of the Adi Purusha – Sankarshana symbolizes prosperity. “Sankarshana”- literally means one who has both the powers of attraction and repulsion. Likewise at the Genesis of creation, he manifests himself thus creating the Universe and during the Maha Proloya – the Great Destruction, he by this force with draws the Universe into Himself as a transfixed point – which modern science calls “The Point of Singularity” – “The Vindu”. We cannot decipher it using mathematical calculations. 
          “Sankarshana” is basically “Kriya Shakti”- kinetic force. It has both the capacities to expand and recede. When the Universe is drawn into him, it attains an undivided and undefined state. It was neither a solid, nor liquid nor gaseous state. It can be compared to the fourth state of matter.
          The Universe was created from Shabda-Bisfot ----- The Big Bang. Thereafter, this vibration has been omnipresent in this Universe. This has been propounded as “Nada - Bramh” in the Vedas and Upanishads. “Byom” means Space where “Aakash”, i.e. [Sky] + [Aum] = Byom. The very character of Space is Shabd or Sound. 
          At the onset of the Universe, along with the “Sound”, manifested light- “Jyoti”. The seven colors of the visible spectrum combined to harmonize into White Light. This vibration in the form of light when analyzed from the prospective of “Sound” is called “ParaNada”. This sound is the mystic sound of the Universe. 
          “Sankarshana” has two “Tanus” – dimensions, “Shabd Bramh” and “Param Bramh”. Surya Sadhak Sree Viswanarayan observes that from ages since, there has been the perennial  quest to know Param Bramh – The Absolute. But one cannot reach there without first conquering “Shabd Bramh”. That is the path to the Absolute. So, it is necessary to know this path of “Shwet Jyoti” ParaNada.
           “Sankarshana” is the beholder of the Universe and the culminator of the power and the powerful. It is He, who can collectively combine the Drashta – Who sees, The Drishya – What is seen and Darshan – The act of seeing, into the form of Wholeness. He is the beholder of the collective consciousness of this Universe.

Thus hail the Lord, 


The Concept Of ULTIMATE as Delineated in BHAGVAT

The Holy Grail of the Scientific Community as well as that of the Philosophers through out the ages has been the QUEST for the ULTIMATE. The Oriental Mystic and visionary Sree Viswanarayan who has dedicated his entire life to Surya Sadhna by virtue of Highest mental acumen has unearthed the mystery of the ULTIMATE or SESHA. In His e-mail to Professor Stephen Hawking, written by his Secretary he had contended... "The Ultimate or Sesha, which is the Supreme Luminosity or White Light cannot he deciphered by mathematical calculation,” According to Him, Lord Krishna has highlighted the Sesha or Ultimate in of the most fascinating incidents as will be narrated now:-
During the period of Lord Krishna and Arjuna there lived a Brahmin at Dwaraka. He was cursed to father dead children. He came to Lord Krishna for help. Inspite of repeated assurances from Krishna, the Brahmin's wife gave birth to dead child each year. Every year the hapless Brahmin would appear before Krishna and taunt him in harshest possible terms and he even questioned his Divine powers. The Brahmin would say "What kind of power do you have? You cannot even end my misery." He held Krishna responsible for such premature deaths of his children. Gradually the distraught Brahmin gave birth to nine children. And as usual the ninth child was born dead too. The grief stricken  Brahmin came before Krishna and started abusing him with harshest possible words. Arjuna, finding the Brahmin abusing his Sakha could bear it no more. He said "Listen, O Brahmin, I am Arjuna, the fearless and bravest man on the Universe, even Lord Shiva treats me with respect. I assure you to save your next child". The Brahmin was not much amused. He derisively said that when even Krishna could do nothing, what would Arjuna do? Anyway Arjuna persuaded him to try for another baby.
A year after, the furious Brahmin came fuming and angrily foul mouthed Arjuna ,"You fool", he said, "Because of you I had to suffer the ignominy of becoming father in this old age. Now see, in the previous times a dead child was born. This time after the birth of the baby even the body has disappeared. Curse you...! May your Sakha Krishna be cursed too. ." These words stung Arjuna like arrows. He said to the Brahmin "Have no fear, I will send arrows to all the worlds and retrieve your baby. If I fail, I'll sacrifice my life in fire." Saying so Arjuna sent arrows to Swarga (Heaven), Marta (all corners of the earth) and Patal Lokas (Nether world). He applied all his knowledge and expertise to find out the baby. However, all he efforts were in vain. He was now determined to sacrifice his life.
Lord Krishna held back Arjuna from the sacrificial flames. He then decided to accompany Arjuna in the search for the missing baby. They started their journey from the west and then they went through the Abash marg, the sky and searched every inch of the sky. There was no sign of the baby. Then they traveled to the seven islands, seven hills, the whole earth but their efforts did not become fruitful. Then Krishna took Arjuna to the edge of absolute darkness in the womb of the space. The magnetic field of that absolute nothingness was immensely powerful which is now referred to as the "BLACK HOLE" and it is now at the centre of scientific research. Krishna now applied the most powerful, light scattering and revolving "Sudarshan Chakra" into the darkness.
Sudarshan guided them through the absolute darkness till they came to the Great Ocean of Condensed Milk, deep into the waters of the deepest sea. Their eyes were dazzled in the unthinkable brightness as they appeared before a most picturesque palace. There they witnessed a mighty figure clad in yellow robes. He possessed eight extended arms and precious gems adorned him. He was as white and bright as the crystal. He sported a benign smile. He was "Lord Ultimate". He said ", Come Krishna, come Arjuna, I had wished to see you and for this I have kept the baby with me. Listen whatever originates in this Universe, originates from me and everything comes back to me. You* have originated from me and after completion of your work, you too have to come back to me", with these words the Lord returned the baby back.
Thus this anecdote highlights the fact that there is the Supreme source of all powers that lies hidden underneath the Earth, i.e. inside the waters that controls the Universe. This Supreme source of power is none other than the "ULTIMATE", from which all the living beings originate and one day every creation will be destroyed by the "ALMIGHTY. This "ALMIGHTY" is the "be all and end all "of all Universal activities, natural phenomenon, and natural calamities and of all bio-chemical reactions. Therefore, our Endeavor of highlighting this topic will be met with success if and only if the scientific community converge and concentrate on this concept and analyze it from the scientific point of view, i.e., when the spiritual analysis and scientific study harmonizes for the greater benefit of the humanity.

Swami Jagannath's Bigraha Is  Representative of The Dwadash Adityas

(12 Suns)

When Sri Chaitanya Mahapravu was 25 years old, a Buddhist named Jaydev told him “from whose naval has appeared the lotus along with Bramha, He is-Viswa Sakshat Narayan Swaroop, who rests on the Ananta SeshNag, the Ultimate and  since he rests on Ketu, he is ViswaKetu. For the benefit of the masses, he is established as Archavatar, Jagannath Swami.
      Then Chaitanya Mahapravu answered,"The Veda is Sakshat Narayan. After Veda, has emerged Kaala - Time, then Karma-Work. From Dharma (Religion)  has emerged Kama(Desire) and Rati is  Kama's consort. From Rati has manifested the Devta named Aniruddha and his sister Subhadra. Here Aniruddha is Kala - swaroop Krishna and Radha is his Prakriti, Nature.
       Again, he is Bramha as Karma - swaroop, in the form of Karma and Niyoti is his Prakriti, Nature.
       The first sthula is sristi, the second sthula is sukshma and the third sthula is Karan - reason.
        Narayan himself became manifested because of the need of materialistic creation. From water has emerged the ultimate and the rested on water itself.
        When Narayan became absorbed in Yoga Nidra , a lotus emerged from his naval , that is our universe. In this universe emerged Bramha. From Bramha was created the entire living and non-living progeny.
        Ushapati Aniruddha emerged and manifested because of the requirement of materialistic  creation. From his seed has the head of our universe had its fulfillment and the Sesha or The Ultimate had its existence.From this Sesha, creation was manifested accordingly. This Aniruddha Roop Dhari Sree Jagannath Swami is capable of making Earth His abode.
Hence Swami Jagannath's Bigraha Is  Representative of The Dwadash Adityas (12 Suns) and is represented as the Sudarshan Chakra ( the Wheel of Time ) that can be found atop the Jagannath Temple of Puri.

Vishnu / Mahavishnu – The Progenitor Of The Universe

              According to the Shastras – The Universe had its genesis from Shabda or Sound. In the Vedas and Upanishads it is Shabda, in the Bible – it is referred as the “Word” and also in the Quran it is mentioned as Azan. According to modern science also, the Universe had its origin from vibration – both in the form of light and sound. From the realms of darkness, “Tamasa” emerged manifested light. This is referred to in the Vedas and Upanishads as the MahaSurya. In this MahaSurya rested the Adi Purusha, Parameswara. A sloka from the Vedas hails him thus,

                 “Shrinentu Vishwey Amritashya Putra
              Aa Ya Dhamani Divyani Tasthu”
              --- Hey children of Bliss, listen – I have found the path to light.

            “Vedhamatang Purushang Mahantam
            Aditya Varnang Tamasa Parastata
            Twamewa Vidhitwaheti Mrityumeti
           Nanya Pantha Vidya Tenahaya”

        According to the Vedas, he is the Adi Great Purusha, who is manifested light, MahaSurya, who destroys darkness, and only by knowing him can we conquer death; there is no other way.
 This Great Purusha is whom we call MahaVishnu. He is the first Purusha of this Universe, whose human figure is of four hands bearing Sankha – conch shell, Sudarshan Chakra – the divine wheel, Gada – The Mace, and Padma – Lotus.
They are symbolic of the 4 Vedas representing  the 4 dimensions – Dharma – Religion, Artha – Prosperity, Kama – Desire, Moksha – Salvation respectively.
Actually the word “Vishnu” has its origin in the Sanskrit dhatu or element “Vish” which means Shabd or Sound, which is basically Nada in the Vedas and Upanishads, Word in the Bible and Azan in the Quran. So directly or indirectly every religion has to recognize Vishnu because He is Existence Absolute. He is the ultimate truth whom none can deny because that would be denying one’s own existence.
            The Sankha represents the power of Shabd — Bramh & Nada as the prime seed of creation.
The Sudarshan Chakra is actually Kala or Time. Since the Sudarshan Chakra is rotating, Time is progressing, if it stops, time will stop and if it rotates in the opposite direction, the cycle of time will be completely reversed.
The Gada or Mace, indicates that alike Creation, Vishnu – MahaVishnu is also the Master of Dissolution or Destruction. He infact creates, sustains and destroys.
The Lotus represents the emergence of creation and Knowledge Absolute.
According to Bramh – Sanhita, which is the one of the oldest texts on Vaishnava Philosophy, MahaVishnu is so great that it is beyond our comprehension. He has thousands and thousands of heads, thousands and thousands of eyes, thousands and thousands of hands thousands and thousands of feet and from thousands and thousands of his sweat pores, the seeds of crores and crores of Universes are created.  
According to Bramh – Sanhita, which is one of the oldest texts on  Vaishnava Philosophy, MahaVishnu is so great that it is beyond our comprehension. He has thousands and thousands of heads, thousands and thousands of eyes, thousands and thousands of hands thousands and thousands of feet and from thousands and thousands of his sweat pores, the seeds of crores and crores of Universes are created.
As long as one breath of MahaVishnu is exhaled, the universe exists for that time span only.
Actually what modern science boasts of knowing today, our Veda Rishis found it long ago.
The MahaVishnu’s theory on Breath exhaling is nothing but the Red Spectra Galactic Shift which presents a picture of expanding Universe.
As long as MahaVishnu exhales, the Universe expands, when He stops, the Universe stops expanding and when inhales, the Universe begins to recede.
Ultimately, it slowly gets crunched and finally attains a state of inactiveness from which it gets back to its origin. According to our Sanatan Dharma it is “Bindu” and science calls it “The Point of Singularity”.*
This “Bindu” had a “Bisfot” from where emerged creation; modern science calls it the “Big Bang Theory”. So “Bisfot = Big Bang”. Now “Bang” is a phonetic sounding word in the English language whose origin was again from the Sanskrit word “Bang” – meaning “Shabd” or “Sound”. Only the Vedas and Upanishads have been able to decode this “Shabd”,The Word or the  “Azan”, which is the primordial sound “AUM”. “AUM” represents the 3 dimensions and it is “The Word” responsible for creation, so “AUM” is the medium, the boat of sound on which we can sail through to the Param “Brahma” and attain the Absolute.
Light is eternal; it destroys darkness, yet modern science claimed earlier that in super –massive Black Holes, the photon particles are absorbed. But sound cannot be destroyed because the very character of Akash or Space is vibration or Shabd. In Sanatan Dharma we refer to it as “Byam” = B + “AUM”. So, the Adi Nada “AUM” is inherent in space.
And, if sound or Nada is indestructible and inherent its manifested illuminiaence emerges as Vishnu – MahaVishnuin the form of the Adi Purana.
The “Divine Will” or “Chidshakti” of MahaVishnu is Ramadevi whom we refer to as the consort Laxmi. She is Yogamaya with whom MahaVishnu unifies in Yoganidra – The slumber of Eternal Bliss, which is the highest in attainment of the meditative state.
MahaVishnu has no direct link with external Maya or Illusion. He through His “Chidshakti” Ramadevi controls Maya or Illusion. Under the slavery of “Ramadevi” Maya serves  the Lord of the Universe – MahaVishnu.
Every being in this world is either in the form of Linga or Yoni, and as a result of the union of Purusha and Prakiti. 
The “Bindu” was the dormant state of the Universe, resembling a Glowing Golden Egg, propounded in  the Vedas and Upanishadas as “Hiranya Garva”
When MahaVishnu becomes the cause of creation in this world of Maya, He manifests Himself as “Shambhu”. Actually we consider “Surya” – The Sun as Vishnu and the rays emerging from the Sun, coming to our earth in the form of Linga and resulting in “Shristi” or creation in union with Prakriti or Nature is whom we call “Shiva”.
The word “Shiva” has come from the combination of “Shiv”+ ie. Dead with “ E “ -> Shakti. This means Shaktiman Purush is Shiva whose shakti is “Shawbhu” or “Ego”.
Basically there is no distinction between “Vishnu” and “Shiva”. It is only the distinction in form and action. Both are “Ishwar Padabachya” since, they are beyond the 50 virtues of creation. In Aditya Hridayam Stotram, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna with the prime focus of reference to the Surya – Sun, “Know that there is no distinction between Vishnu and Shiva. Both are only manifestations of Surya. So know Vishnu to be Shiva and Shiva to be Vishnu”.
The Trishul or Three headed spear of Shiva is representative of the three gunas or characteristics – Satwa, Raja, and Tama. Which again symbolize creation, sustainance, and destruction.
The Damru symbolizes the creation of this universe from Shabda of sound.

Fig I
Fig I

Fig.(i) represents the Damru. The upper part is the expanding universe moving towards abstract infinity. Again it tapers downwards to emerge as the Trijagata or world of Maya. The upper half represents the Purusha and lower half Prakiti or Nature. 
Fig.(ii) represents the union of Purusha and Prakiti, when there was no creation. The point in between is the “Bindu” or “Point of Singularity”.
So, basically we find that the “Vishnu Tatwa” and “Shiv Tatwa” in content to the creation of the universe is the same